Beautiful Blue Bay

Blue Bay Kimono iland co


Blue Bay Kimono - iland co


Blue Bay Kimono - iland co


When you see the beautiful blues of Australia's stunning beaches it is easy to see why here at iland co we drew our inspiration from them for our latest collection

Our Blue Bay kimono was named after a small, protected bay on the Central Coast in NSW.  Here you can escape the crowds and get amongst the laid back locals. The ocean is a magic mix of deep sapphire blue and brighter aquas. 


Australian Summer Collection iland co


Blue Bay kimono iland co


Blue Bay kimono - iland co


Blue Bay kimono iland co


Like all our kimono's, Blue Bay is not only ethically made but also Australian designed with the comfort and style of our customers in mind. Perfect for every season our kimono's combine femininity and romance with a touch of modesty. Use them as protection against the sun for your delicate skin at the beach, a light open jacket in those mid-weather seasons or as an amazing travel accessory

Our free size fit suits most women great and small, just pick from one of the three lengths available and add the perfect staple piece to your wardrobe.  

Need a little help with sizes and lengths
Head to our online store now and order the stunning Blue Bay kimono. 

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