Beach hair...don't care.


If you are anything like us at iland co you love the long lazy days at the beach….but not so much the dragged through a hedge backwards look that can result if you don't care for your mane properly.

Here are some easy ways to keep those locks looking luscious during your island time.

Go al naturale

Forget about all the regular styling products and equipment. Let your hair dry naturally and don’t use the straighteners. We would also recommend to try not to wash it as often as you usually would. 

This frees up more time for that game of beach volleyball or extra cocktails!

Keep it covered

Of course the queen of the kimono's are going to tell you to cover up! We know that covering your hair is just as important as protecting that delicate skin of yours.

A scarf or amazing hat will provide vital UV protection as well as reducing fading if you hair is colour treated. It also stops those sea breezes from causing too much trouble! 

Wear your hair in loose, comfortable styles

Your hair has a lot to put up with not the beach including sun exposure. Treat it kindly with some loose styles that will help prevent breakage and pulling. We suggest romantic loose braids and messy buns for a great look.

We love the amazing Hair Romance for great inspiration and tutorials. This style is on their Easy Beach Hair Style Tutorial.


Brush the right way

Always, always condition your hair before you attempt to comb your hair after a day on the beach. Another important thing is to ditch the brush and invest in a wide-tooth comb. This will be much more gentle on your hair for those tangles you got surfing the waves. If possible try not to comb your hair while it is wet as it is easier to damage and break your hair. 

The morning after

So you’ve had your fun in the sun, now back to reality! 

The best way to give your hair a treat after all that sun, sand and salt is a leave-in conditioner or hair mask. This will help put back any moisture and strengthen damaged tresses.

One of our favs is Hello Hair. They have a range of hydrating masks including and Island Edition…Hello!… They are all 100% natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free. Everything we adore. With gorgeous ingredients like Coconut, Almond and Argan oil.Do you have a favourite beach hair tip that we missed? Share them down below.













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