Can the Benefits of Green Juice Change Your Life?

green juiceYou’ve heard all the talk about it. You might be one of the many that have jumped onboard the ‘green juice’ train. Did you do it for health reasons? Maybe you just heard about it and thought you’d give it a shot.

Whatever the reason, green juice is here to stay. Let’s take a look at why you might want to start drinking green juice (if you aren’t already) and why you might want to keep doing to if you already are.

First Thing Is First - Types of Green Juice

People speak of green juice as a general term, but there are actually different kinds of green juice. We’re talking natural and pre-packaged.

The not-so-natural kinds are great if you’re pinched for time, but it’s not so great for your health. Yes, they still can have a lot of nutrients in there, but there are probably a lot of extras that you’d do better without. Sodium, sweeteners and other unsavory ingredients take away from the overall healthiness of the green juice.

What you want to do is make yours fresh. Does it take a little extra time and clean-up? Certainly. Will the extra effort be worth it? Most definitely. There are so many green juice recipes that you’ll be sure to find ones that best fit your individual taste.

Best Time to Drink Your Green Juice

Sometimes one of the most important things about doing something healthy is doing it at the right time of the day. Yes, you can drink green juice whenever you want, of course, but don’t you want to get the most bang for your fruitbuck?

If you want to reap the most benefits, drink your green juice in the morning on an empty stomach. This will allow all the nutrients—the reason you’re drinking it to begin with—to really infuse your body with its benefits.

Green Juice Rocks the Vitamins & Minerals

It’s almost crazy how healthy green juice can be. Don’t like to eat all those fruits and veggies that you’re supposed to get every day? No worries! One day’s worth can be in one glass. Crazy!

The fun part about creating your own green juice concoction is that you can experiment with different combinations. Mixing things up can help you avoid monotony and introduce new veggies or fruits to your daily diet.

Weight Loss

You have to be really careful with green juice. It’s tremendously healthy but—with all the fruit in there—sugar abounds. With sugar comes the chance of weight gain. Make sure you have the right mix of foods in your green juice to ensure you’re promoting weight loss and not weight gain.

A Little Pick Me Up

Another advantage to drinking green juice is the little jolt of energy that you can get from it. Your blood sugar gets a little spike and that gives you a boost. A natural boost, that is.

Absorbed Quickly & Easily

One of the great things about juicing is that your body loves nutrients in this form! Since it’s already liquid, your digestive system can take a breather. No breaking down needed! It’s always good to give yogreen juice with lemonur gut a little rest.

Kris Carr

Do you want a real-life case study? Look no further than Kris Carr. She was diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable cancer and decided to change her life and the lives of others. She became a huge health advocate, authored juicing books and is someone to look to for some great encouragement.

Can You Drink Too Much Green Juice?

The answer to that is: It depends. If you’re juice fasting, you’re probably okay. You don’t have any food to add to the calories that you’re already ingesting with the juice.

However, if you’re juicing three times a day and having three meals to go along with it, there might be a problem. All those calories to tend to add up, and they’d add up all over your body! Remember that even the most healthiest of foods have calories. Eat and drink wisely.

So, if you’re looking for ways to add something new and healthy to your daily regimen, you may not have to look any further than green juice. It could boost your health in more ways than you think possible.

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